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Christmas In Colombia – Medellín Surprises and Delights

We felt like kids again, excited and in anticipation of what was coming next. We haven’t felt this way about the holidays as long as we can remember, thanks to our lifestyle change and to our first Christmas

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Come On! Travel More by Using the Sharing Economy!

This is for our friends, family and readers that are very skeptical about the type of accommodations we choose. I can’t count the number of times we’ve been quizzed about our housesitting and

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Protecting the Rivers in Colombia: How Tourism Can Help

The power of travel is getting to see things in the world that you haven’t experienced with your own eyes, but what if even the residents of a country haven’t had the opportunity to see it either?

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Salinas Grandes Nicaragua – Secluded Beach Paradise

It is quite surprising to find a secluded beach paradise in any part of the world considering how tourism to beach destinations is so popular. What’s more interesting is that we found it in a country

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The Best of the Ecuadorian Andes Region

If you love dramatic mountains and valleys, good hearty food, and affordable, independent travel, then the Ecuadorian Andes Region is beckoning. While the Galapagos and the Amazon might have the best name

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Discovering Thailand: 5 Must See Attractions

Looking to visit Thailand? It is a popular destination for travelers from all over the world, with many amazing attractions to explore. Just spending time in bustling Bangkok or Chiang Mai is enough for

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