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Learning Spanish: Language Zen Review

If you ask us how our Spanish is coming along, we will probably say "it's a journey" or "it is getting there."​ We've spent close to 2.5 years on and off in Latin American countries since we left

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Plus Size Travel: How Travel Photography Changed My Self Esteem

Sorcha Porter-Holmes is a full-time traveler and professional photographer. She is the co-owner and creator of the brand “Sorcha and Matt’s Grand Adventure” a travel and lifestyle website that provides

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Thank you India for giving us all these

It took us years to finally travel to India. We hesitated to visit this country, though most of our reasons were merely excuses because we weren’t sure if we were ready for it. The truth is, we needed

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Post-Conflict Life In Colombia:Inspiring Peace Projects in Medellin

Rebuilding and Reinventing. This is the new Colombia. After 52 years of conflict, Colombia is moving into a new era. The historic signing of the Peace Treaty is the impetus to this change, and so

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How A Trip To Bali Changed Me: My Move to Digital Nomad Life

This is a guest post by Cal Bailey who shares the catalyst to his move to Digital Nomad life.  Mountain Leon - a travel blog he started after two years on backpacking around the world. If you

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