How to declutter your mind from the things that are holding you back from making life changes. Tips for saving time, learning about yourself and living a simpler, less complicated life.

Free Your Mind Stories and Tips

Conscious Living: How To Enjoy Life More
"Live the Dream Awake" --Tia WalkerIt was like I had a tunnel vision, lost in a world that was only[...]
What It Feels Like When You Believe You Can Do Anything
Have you ever gotten to the point when you believe you can do anything? It is that point when you[...]
How to Find Career Direction |Midlife Career Change Part 2
  “Change is not a process for the impatient.” -unknown In our first post: Midlife Career Transition part 1 we shared our[...]
Managing the Transition: Midlife Career Change Part 1
  As the years went by, my enthusiasm changed. I went into business and marketing and I lived it. I[...]
Why This Travel Experience Changed My Views about Religion
I watched Sunil, our guide, very carefully, hoping I wouldn’t make a mistake. He placed an orange bandana over his[...]
What 4 Months of Sobriety Has Taught Me and Lessons for 2017
August 31, 2016. The moment we arrived in Toronto, we opened up our calendar and started filling it with meet-ups[...]