We are a seasoned multimedia duo, creating content,high-impact video and marketing solutions for the travel industry and travel lovers across the globe.


Dorene: A 20-year marketing veteran for leading, multi-national consumer products and entertainment brands, Dorene adds a current-world, business-driven approach to marketing and communications.

Troy: A 20-year video producer and editor , working in the television and multimedia industries, Troy brings a unique mix of production and storytelling.

We help travel brands to: 

 1) Develop Actionable Marketing Plans to Improve their business

2) Help Travel Brands tell great stories about what they do with start to finish video projects.

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3) For our readers, we offer:

  a) Content creation –  We create content (written, video, photography & social promotion) for brands we believe in.  We accept sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, product reviews for brands that fit our brand and our readers. Contact us at

  b) Press trips & travel – We write and video about travel that aligns with our goal of local, cultural, responsible, immersive or meaningful travel experiences. Contact us at

  c) Guest posts We partner with brands and content that align with our values and our content of Lifestyle redesign, and travel stories about local, cultural, responsible, immersive or meaningful travel experiences. If you feel you are the right fit, please contact us at: for our guidelines and details.

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