How do you want to change your life?

We were missing out on our lives and we knew it.

We’d spend excessive, mind-numbing hours at our jobs each day, anxiously waiting for the weekend. Two years, five years, ten years went by. 

We were stuck.  Stuck in the corporate world, creatively stuck and stuck in a cycle of overworking, just to live for the weekend. We dreamt of a new lifestyle with the freedom to live and work how we wanted. 

But to shift to this life wasn’t easy. We questioned ourselves, our abilities, and we were questioned by others. Was it too late? Could we really make it happen? 

Taking control of our lives ultimately helped us gain the confidence to follow-through.

Now we are  debt free, and we live and work where we want.

We’re constantly inspired and challenged in our happy lifestyle, created by us. 

Is there a part of your life leaving you unfulfilled and unhappy? Whether it’s travel, healthy living, or a new career, it’s never too late to change.

Each week, we add weekly tips and stories to our blog.  We share proven steps to free your time, money and life and how to learn, change, and grow by travel experiences.

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