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Christmas In Colombia – Medellín Surprises and Delights

We felt like kids again, excited and in anticipation of what was coming next. We haven’t felt this way about the holidays as long as we can remember, thanks to our lifestyle change and to our first Christmas

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Protecting the Rivers in Colombia: How Tourism Can Help

The power of travel is getting to see things in the world that you haven’t experienced with your own eyes, but what if even the residents of a country haven’t had the opportunity to see it either?

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A Jungle Trek in Colombia

We have been living, working and traveling in Colombia for five months. It is our third time living in Colombia, and now are we working on it becoming a home base for us, for at least part of every year.

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Signs of Peace in Colombia: Stories of Transformation

When Troy and I left our home in Canada two and a half years ago, we never anticipated the rewarding projects we would work on. Colombia is the country that has had the biggest impact on us because of

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Lost City Trek Colombia: Video, Photos and What to Expect

The Lost City Trek Colombia (also known as the Ciudad Perdida)  is an incredible journey that takes you through diverse, ever-changing landscapes and scenery. The trip allows you to connect with the indigenous

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Travel Colombia: A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Destinations

It's not a surprise that Colombia has become one of our favorite countries for many reasons. We spent four glorious months living and traveling here, which was ample time for us to travel Colombia slowly

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