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Protecting the Rivers in Colombia: How Tourism Can Help

The power of travel is getting to see things in the world that you haven’t experienced with your own eyes, but what if even the residents of a country haven’t had the opportunity to see it either?

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A Jungle Trek in Colombia

We have been living, working and traveling in Colombia for five months. It is our third time living in Colombia, and now are we working on it becoming a home base for us, for at least part of every year.

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Discovering Sri Lankan Cooking

I never anticipated how much I would love Sri Lankan food. Our one month visit to Sri Lanka gave us an opportunity to discover Sri Lankan Cooking and we are so glad we did!   Indian to me, was the

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Community Based Tourism: The Best Way to See Sri Lanka

A Taste of Community Based Tourism Our visit to Sri Lanka gave us an opportunity to experience Community Based tourism first-hand. These kinds of tours, by Ecowave Travels, are at the core of responsible

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Sigiriya, Sri Lanka: Find History and Wellness

Finding History and Wellness in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka Choosing this independent lifestyle gives us a chance to work on some great video projects while we travel. We were traveling in Sri Lanka and our network

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Images of India: 3 months of life changing moments

Images of India: Why this trip, transformed us It took us years to finally travel to India. The truth is we needed the patience to handle its intensity. We wanted to be open, with a willingness to accept

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