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La Feria de las Flores Medellin- Why You Need to Go

Watch Video Below play Ever wonder where your flowers come from when you buy them for a special occasion? Chances are, they come from Colombia. The flower business is a $3Billion flower industry, just

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Paramo de Oceta: Unique Colombia Trekking

play Don't forget to click on the video above first! We had no idea what a Paramo was before we visited Colombia. Of course we understand Ecosystems -- like Tropical Rainforests,and Coastal regions

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What We Can Learn From Salsa Classes

Discover yourself through another form of self-expression - Salsa Classes!  play As foreigners, we express ourselves differently. Often our expression is with connection and conversation and it

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Hiking in Colombia: Jardin Antioquia

play Jardin, Antioquia, Colombia is one of the most beautiful pueblos (small colonial towns) located in the department of Antioquia, about 4 hours from Medellin with some of the best hiking in Colombia.

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Theft Proof Backpack for Cameras

In our last Pacsafe video we talked about how excited we were that they finally came out with a backpack that was perfect for hiking. I was using the 30-liter Venturesafe that was great for day trips.

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Turf Wars to Reform: Bogota Tours That Change Lives

We all deserve a second chance. Nothing is more evident of this than after our visit to the Egipto neighborhood, one of the underprivileged communities in the hills above the historic Candelaria neighborhood

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