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Conscious Living: How To Enjoy Life More

"Live the Dream Awake" --Tia WalkerIt was like I had a tunnel vision, lost in a world that was only in front of my eyes.I was existing in my own self-fulfilling world – my career, that perfect house

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Turf Wars to Reform: Bogota Tours That Change Lives

We all deserve a second chance. Nothing is more evident of this than after our visit to the Egipto neighborhood, one of the underprivileged communities in the hills above the historic Candelaria neighborhood

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Signs of Peace in Colombia: Stories of Transformation

When Troy and I left our home in Canada two and a half years ago, we never anticipated the rewarding projects we would work on. Colombia is the country that has had the biggest impact on us because of

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Community Based Tourism: The Best Way to See Sri Lanka

A Taste of Community Based Tourism Our visit to Sri Lanka gave us an opportunity to experience Community Based tourism first-hand. These kinds of tours, by Ecowave Travels, are at the core of responsible

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Images of India: 3 months of life changing moments

Images of India: Why this trip, transformed us It took us years to finally travel to India. The truth is we needed the patience to handle its intensity. We wanted to be open, with a willingness to accept

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2 Years Into Our New Lifestyle – Lessons and Plans for 2017

The pace and degree of change for me and Troy for the last two years into our new lifestyle can be best described as ripping off a Band-Aid from our skin very quickly! It’s that feeling when, at

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