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Unique Stays: Free Accommodation In Exchange for Work

Looking to travel more meaningfully and experience unique stays even on a budget? Our friend Michelle Chang of IntentionalTravelers shares details about her new book, An Intentional Travelers Guide to

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Theft Proof Backpack for Cameras

In our last Pacsafe video we talked about how excited we were that they finally came out with a backpack that was perfect for hiking. I was using the 30-liter Venturesafe that was great for day trips.

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Packing Gear Tips by Full Time Travelers

As frequent travelers, we’re always impressed by some of the packing strategies of our fellow nomads. We had the chance to ask some of our friends about their packing gear and tips to make it all

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What you Need to Know Before your Trip to Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Ometepe Island or Isla Ometepe is our favorite place in Nicaragua. We felt like we were in a different country than mainland Nicaragua, and it’s no wonder that most travelers find it difficult to leave

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Tips to Access Money for Traveling

Having a plan for how you will access money when you travel can save you a lot of headaches and extra fees. In our own independent travel and research, we’ve found a few helpful rules of thumb. Dorene

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How to Keep In Contact While Traveling

Remember the days of traveling when you had to search for a pay phone, pull out your calling card, and figure out how to dial the correct international and country codes? The worst-case scenario was if

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