Climbing The Ometepe Volcanos Video

Climbing The Ometepe Volcanoes

Ometepe is an adventurer’s playground! There are some important tips to consider before you travel there. Troy and I have the worst luck when it comes to volcano hiking. Any kind of physical challenge we endure, we expect a reward and a payoff. For a hike or climb, it’s getting to the top, to arrive in a clear view of below and beyond. That feeling when you say, “Yeah! we made it!” It’s the sign of a perfect arrival. We have done many volcano hikes in Indonesia and South and Central America, and sadly we manage to pick the day with cloud-covered skies. It’s such a letdown! Climbing the Ometepe volcanoes was our next quest.

Besides all the other interesting activities to do on the island, the two volcanoes on Ometepe Island have taunted us for weeks. Those volcanoes were teasing us with their clear skies at the top, then clouding over throughout the day. We were waiting for the right day, the right moment to experience the ultimate: a clear view of the island and the lake. With their grand presence, they stared at us on opposing sides of the island from almost every angle. Whether we were walking, biking or doing anything at all, they were in our view, reminding us that tomorrow morning could be the hiking day.

The volcanoes are entirely different from one another:

Concepción – The active volcano 1610m in height and is Nicaragua’s second highest volcano. It has a strong almost eerie presence, and it is hard not to be mesmerized by its authority. The last eruption was in 2010, which resulted in just ash clouds. The climb is straight up – the first half is forest then the other half turns into a mostly rocky, with ash and scree. The hike takes about 3.5-4 hours up and 2- 2.5 hours down.

Maderas – The non- active volcano, believed to have erupted over a thousand years ago stands 1394 m tall. This is a completely different hike from Concepción, as it’s a lush, green canopy of rainforest the entire way up, with sounds of howler monkeys, cicadas, and birds. Once we were an hour from the top, the sky blankets into a thick cloud forest. It is muddy, slippery, with narrow rocky pathways and in our view a more challenging hike with its rocky, maneuvering. (Especially in the rainy season) Once we reached the top, there is a 15-minute challenging Indiana Jones-style rope climb and hike down to the crater to see the huge lagoon encircled entirely by the rainforest. Be prepared to get dirty! The hike takes about 3.5-4 hours up and about 3.5-4 hours down.

We had to change our expectations

Why get disappointed? We can’t predict the weather, and we certainly can’t predict the right moment. Hiking shouldn’t result in frustration at the top, it should be about the accomplishment. So we decided to focus on the view from the bottom and the challenge of the climb. Looking up at the volcanoes knowing you made it to the top is better than any photo but you can’t blame us for trying!

Looking to plan your trip to Ometepe? You can find it all here. 

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  1. Wow! Those climbs were quite a “fantastique “feat. You both have lots of stamina.Even though there was lots of fog the trek was worth it at the top as you realized you reached your goal. Thanks for sharing.Take care. Lourdes.Have a great day.

    1. Thank you for watching Lourdes, you are right the trek was completely worth it. (Although it sure feels like its more worth it when we were done)

  2. MERCY….Glad you made it to the top and are down safely…..Troy we saw determination in your face in one shot…..Dorene hope you are feeling better….Lv.

    1. Haha! glad you watched it Anita, doing just fine now, but we will definitely climb more volcanoes during our travels in Central America!

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