Bandipur Nepal - One of the most beautiful places to visit in Nepal

Bandipur Nepal: One of the most beautiful places to visit in Nepal

Nepal is one of the most culturally rich, welcoming and exciting places in Asia. However, it can be exhausting. There was plenty of surprising things about Nepal we didn’t know before we arrived. You get the experience of bumpy bus rides along gravel dirt roads, motorbikes whizzing by as you dodge the tourists in the temples of Kathmandu, and high altitude trekking in the Himalayas. If you want a quiet refuge with traditional culture and calm, relaxing days where you experience countryside walks, nature and mountain views, Bandipur in Nepal is the place for you. It’s no wonder we think it’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in Nepal.

A view looking at Bandipur Nepal

Where is Bandipur Nepal? 

There is a good chance you never heard of this place, but its one of the best historical places in Nepal. Its a small town starts with a 600m-drive up the winding hills of the Kathmandu-Pokhara highway. Sit down for tea, relax, breathe deeply and find out why Bandipur is definitely one of the best places to see in Nepal. Frankly, it is a travelers dream, its perfect after trekking in Nepal, and it’s almost as though they designed this place with the traveler in mind!

Once a trading post in the 1700’s it became a commercial center for Tibetan and British India traders until the 1970’s when the Pokhara to Kathmandu highway development completely bypassed it. Luckily for tourism it has slowly become a mecca of Newari culture and a big city escape.

Bandipur village is an ideal ‘rest stop’ as it’s by far one of the best places to visit near Kathmandu, AND it is easy to get from Pokhara to Bandipur. Stopping here is a great way to break down the long travel days and take a break from those oh-so-bumpy roads. Don’t let the distance fool you. It doesn’t look far on the map, but the road conditions and traffic make travel life here a lot longer. Kathmandu to Bandipur is about 140kms (it could take 5-7 hours), roughly 73kms to get to Pokhara (3-4 hours by bus) or about a 2.5 to 3.5-hour bus ride from Chitwan to Bandipur. (check out the how to get there below)

the bandipur bazaar main square

Why We Love the town of Bandipur – The Warm Heart of Nepal 

There are many reasons how this little hilltop village revealed its name as “the warm heart of Nepal.”

Traffic is closed on the main streets to vehicles, including motorbikes. Be prepared to enjoy the tranquility of walking effortlessly on lovely cobblestone streets, admiring the traditional wooden and brick buildings traditional Newari culture.

There is no haggling. No shop owners will come out to negotiate, wheel and deal so you can peruse and wander at your leisure.

The prices here aren’t inflated. In fact, you can eat, stay and drink here for less than in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

 Traditions and architecture – Amongst the wooden balconies and glorious Bougainvillea trees hanging off the traditional Newari architecture, there are a great selection of cafes, restaurants, places to stay and things to do.

Buddhist and Hindu followers are living in harmony. You can freely visit the small, intimate temples without any crowd.

Nature – If you feel like you missed out on the green, mountain views, and fresh air while in Kathmandu, you can recharge your lungs and spirits here in Bandipur.

Gorgeous views of the countryside in Bandipur Nepal

Bandipur Accomodation

There many options for your Bandipur stay, there are loads of  comfortable accommodations. Many are homestays, and some are quaint central street hotels, even tented areas. Here are some of the many options.

Hotels in Bandipur Nepal

  • Old Inn Bandipur or The old Inn Bandipur – Located right at the center of the main street, it is known to be one of the most comfortable and historically beautiful hotels. While it is only about 20 years old, the building is beautifully restored in traditional Newari architecture. The back patio has some of the best views of the Annapurna range in Nepal, which is the perfect place for a meal or drink.
  • Another option is the Bandipur chen- a gorgeous old hotel on the main Bazaar, with consistently good ratings and beautiful Newari architecture and furnishings. Check prices and availabilty here.
  • Bandipur Village Resort – It is one of the good basic accommodations in town. Off the main bizarre, it is another beautifully restored home. Check prices and availability here.
  • Bandipur Adventure Camp – This is the place for adventurers. Camping outside of town, it is an accommodation with a bar and restaurant. During high season, you can enjoy paintball, rock climbing, canyoning, and motocross in the area. Definitely, it is the most different accommodation and activity experiences in all of Bandipur.
  • Bandipur Homestay – A favorite spot because it is basic homestay and amenities. It is located at the edge of the main Bandipur Bizarre (main road) and close to restaurants, with a lovely back patio view.
  • Bandipur Mountain Resort – One of the bigger properties for larger groups, and its a few kilometers from the central bazaar on Tundikhel road. Check prices and availability here.
  • Bandipur Samira Homestay – Another homestay just across from Himchuli. It has comfortable, affordable and basic rooms. You can also enjoy lovely views of the valley and the Himalayas when there are clear skies. Check prices and availability here
  • Himchuli Guesthouse –This is an authentic Bandipur homestay which was built after the earthquake in 2015, since the other family home was damaged beyond repair. It has a rooftop restaurant, comfortable rooms and balconies all across the building where you can take advantage of sunset views of the Himalayan mountain ranges and views of the town below. The family prepares an excellent presentation of what to do and see when you arrive and offers assistance with transport. Check prices and availability here.

Views from Himchuli guest house

Views from Himchuli Guest House

Top things to do in Bandipur Village

Surprisingly, there are unlimited things to do in Bandipur. The first one is to relax and enjoy the reprieve from the bustle of Nepal. The second are all these fun activities:

1. Visit the Monk and the tiny Buddist Monastery at the Boudha Sadan Shakyamuni Monastery  (also just known as Bandipur Monastery) – This was one of our most favorite days during our 2-month stay in Nepal. We took a walk up the Buddhist monetary by following the steps just past the main square. The Monk who resides there invited us in for tea to share his story about building the monastery and his expansion plans for the temple, which resulted to spending the whole afternoon there. He left us to meditate in the temple and sit on the steps of the temple to admire the views of the snowy peaks of the Himalayas across the horizon. This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments to get up close and personal, an opportunity to connect with a Monk and ask anything you want.

the Monestary in Bandipur NepalVisit to the Boudha Sadan Shakyamuni Monastery Troy wit the monk from Bandipur Nepal that we visited

2. Climb up to the Thani Mai – This is a hill above the town with a well-marked staircase and hand-railed path. It is best to climb in the early morning sunrise or afternoon sunset. At the top is the Thani Mai temple, a small Hindu temple, which is not a significant attraction but a great place to visit for the views. For an even better view, you can continue to hike across the mountain range to the Gurungche Hill to get a full 360-degree view of the entire area. The hike is a comfortable, mildly steep walk up the stairs for about 30 minutes.

view from Thani Mai

View from Thani Mai

bandipur nepal views from Thani Mai

3. Explore and climb through the dark Siddha Cave – Hike down the steep stairs halfway down the Bandipur village hill to reach the Siddha Cave, the largest cave in Nepal measuring 437m deep and about 50 metres high. A guide is required to lead you through the cave. The guide, which is at a small cost, carries a flashlight and leads you to descend into deep caverns on ladders and swing through sections with ropes. The cave is full of stalactite structures. You can hear the sound of whistling bats high above the cavern walls. Along the way, you will see local worship and meditation areas and a swimming pool during the rainy season.  Good shoes are necessary. Bring your own headlamp. This adventure isn’t for the faint of heart.

The Siddha Cave in Bandipur,Nepal

Views from the hike to the Siddha Cave

The Siddha cave Entrance

The Siddha Cave Entrance

Siddha cave - the biggest cave in Nepal

Just outside the Siddha Cave

4. Admire and wander the temples  – There are several beautiful Hindu temples scattered throughout the town. You can explore on your own to find them, such as the Bindebasini temple, a small temple located on the north part of the main street or bazaar. The temple is known to be a dedication to the goddess Durga. Intricate stone carvings line the temple and along the historic wooden door.

Bindebasini temple

5. Shop the Bandipur Bazaar – Buy t-shirts, Newari gifts, and snacks. The benefit of no haggling is that you can wander to your heart’s content.

6. Hike along the countryside to whichever direction you choose and you are going to find interesting homes and temples.

beautiful views of Bandipur Nepal

Views from Bandipur Nepal

7. Eat Momos and Dhal Bhat – lots of them  Of course Momos are the Nepal famous food, and there is no shortage of Momos in this town. You can find lots of delicious dumplings, fried or steamed anywhere you go. Most common is chicken, buff (water buffalo) and vegetable but these are less common and often have to be ordered in advance. Dhal Bhat is the most traditional dish with rice, vegetables, a lentil soup, pickled curry usually served with an unlimited refills.

Dhal bhat from Lovin Spoonful in Bandipur Nepal

Dhal bhat from Lovin Spoonful in Bandipur Nepal

8. Paragliding  There is a paragliding takeoff area just at the outskirts of Bandipur main town. Your guesthouse can arrange a glide for you, so inquire when you arrive.

Where to Eat and Drink in Bandipur

There are ample local, fresh and delicious places to eat in Bandipur. There are no big food chains here, just local restaurants owned by families in the area, and they are a treat!

We had no problem finding delicious food in Bandipur.

However, most of our favorites spots are not found  on TripAdvisor.

Old Home Country Food – A small family food place right in the middle of the main Bazaar. Get your Dahl Baht and traditional foods there at locally attractive prices. We ate here several times in this tiny place with this joyous kitchen.

Old home country food

Old home country food – Bandipur Nepal

Loving Spoon – The women who owned it made this lovely little restaurant. Walk north then turn at the steps of the Bandipur village resort and walk a couple blocks. The food is incredible, especially the Dahl Baht and momos. The restaurant is lovingly decorated with seats on each side of the road, one in the main house and the other overlooking the valley in Bandipur.

Bandipur Nepal the Old Home Country Food restaurant

Local food at the Old Home Country Food Restaurant

Hill’s Heaven – Sit on the patio overlooking the main bazaar and enjoy delicious traditional Nepali food. We loved the Nepali Thukpa soup.

Himalaya Café – Enjoy great coffee and views from the back deck. But they are a bit overpriced in comparison to the other food options.

Samay Baji – The one finer dining type of restaurant with very traditional meals. You need to order food in advance for dinner. The atmosphere is nice, food is great.

Momos - Traditional food of Nepal and found in Bandipur

Momo’s made with loving care

Bandipur Weather

The warmest months are in April through to August, with temperatures ranging from maximum of 20-30°C to minimum 15-20°C. December and January are the coldest months with temperatures ranging from 5°C to 20°C. Typically, the days are warm and the nights are cold. With no furnaces or internal heating, it can get very cold at night. Pack lots of layers and hats and gloves at this time of year.  The rainy season is from June to September with average rainfalls between 600mm-800mm. Overall, the weather is pleasant with lots of sunshine during the colder months.

Nonstop views of Bandipur Nepal

Non Stop Views High Above Bandipur with the Himalayas in the distance

Where is Bandipur Nepal and How to Get There 

 It is located on a hilltop off the Kathmandu-Pokhara Highway. You need to stop right off the highway in the town called Dumre . From there, you can catch a cab up to the hill or wait for the bus to go up the mountain. Either way, it’s all about timing. A cab to Bandipur is about 8kms and it will cost you about 500 rupees (4USD), so make sure you negotiate. The local bus will cost between 100-200 rupees (1USD). There is no posted bus schedule, so it’s best to ask a shop owner when the next bus arrives or your guesthouse owner can arrange for your way back when you are in Bandipur.

How to get from Kathmandu to Bandipur – Catch a local bus or cab down the hill then take the Kathmandu “tourist bus” from Dumre. (It’s the Pokhara tourist bus that makes a quick stop to pick up passengers in Dumre, right off the highway.) The Tourist Bus is simply a passenger bus for long distances, but it services locals and travelers, too. The Kathmandu bus will stop near Thamel. The distance is 122kms, but it can take anywhere from 3.5 to 5 hours with traffic. So get comfortable!

How to get from  Pokhara to Bandipur – Just book the tourist bus from Pokhara to Dumre. You can book at many of the tourist areas along the main road. The distance is 81kms but expect it to take at least 3 hours with traffic and bumpy Nepali roads. It should cost around 1000 rupees (10USD).

You can get there from Chitwan or Lumbini to Bandipur. Just be prepared to take a very long day. It took us about 8 hours to get from Lumbini to Bandipur, with a change of buses in Pokhara.

What’s Happening in Bandipur

The Bandipur Street Food Festival– This event happens during new years December 30th-January 1st every year, and we’re disappointed we missed it. Music, cultural dancing, classic Newari customs and rituals, fireworks and of course-food. If you can plan your travels here during that time, this would be the place to visit!

Future cable car- There are current plans underway to build a cable car from Dumre up the hill to Bandipur. This will not only increase the traffic of the village, but it will change the quaintness and “escape” feel that it has now. Expect a lot of local visitors to the cave and temples. However, the timing for this major investment is unclear.

We hope this gives you lots of information for your Bandipur stay.  If you are looking for more inspiration to go to Nepal, you can check out all our posts here.

Bandipur Nepal - the Newari village - one of the most beautiful places

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