How To Stay Fit While Traveling Part 4- When Fitness Pays Off

Traveling gives us a lot of excuses to avoid good habits. Exhaustion, dehydration ‘taking a break during vacation’ or frankly, just having a good time are all excuses to put off a good fitness schedule until we’re back home.

Well, now that this nomadic life is our home, we have no excuses, no matter what! Better yet, we have now completed 33 solid days of working out. We feel amazing! We missed one day, our  full day of travel to Laos that included a flight to the mainland of Thailand, overnight train and bus to  Laos. We are pleased to say we picked back up again on the workout the day after.

The third workout was tough and sweaty. With every triceps press and walking lunge, it burned. As the week progressed, we could complete the workout stronger, faster and in 15 minutes. The variety of moves kept us in the game; this week’s routine actually started to get really fun, our most enjoyable yet.

To add to it all, we accomplished the ‘300 burpees in one week’ challenge from Mike, our fitness coach. It was a maddening addition to the fully stacked workout, but we did it! Dropping down on the floor in the middle of the day to complete a few sets at a time made the burpees manageable to get through. Since it took us a few days to get into the rhythm of things, we had a couple days of many reps – at least 60 per day – to complete the week. This is not recommended! Doing just 20 more per day, is a more manageable alternative.

We had our most defining moment proving daily fitness pays off.  Before we left Thailand, we were on a very hot, humid 2km hike up to view the Namtok Hin Lat waterfall in Koh Samui, and neither of us was even slightly winded by the strain of the hike! Amazing!

Our next challenge: Workout #4


1. High Laterals (1 Min) Use a chair, step, bench….whatever you have access to.

2. Jumping Jacks (1 Min)

ACTIVE RECOVERYBurpees (1 x 10)


1. Push-Ups (1 x 20 reps)

2. Abdominal Plank (30 seconds)

ACTIVE RECOVERY = Low Laterals (1 Min) 


1. Jump Squats (1 x 20 reps)

2. Wall Sit (30 seconds)

ACTIVE RECOVERY = Hill Climbers (30 Sec) 



1. Hand-Toe Touches (1 x 20)

2. Medicine Ball Rotations (1 x 50 without a medicine ball)

3. Bicycles (1 x 50)

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Enjoy the workout!  Do you feel like moving further along, check out our next post! 

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