Salsa dancers showing what foreigners can learn from Salsa classes

What We Can Learn From Salsa Classes

Discover yourself through another form of self-expression - Salsa Classes! 


As foreigners, we express ourselves differently. Often our expression is with connection and conversation and it is intellectual – taking an online course, learning a new skill, upping our knowledge with a new book and sharing it with friends. And to others, our self-expression is just going to the pub and having drinks and talking with friends.

Salsa classes (or any dancing for that matter)  is not in our DNA like it is for Latinos. And these travelers  and Salsa dancers tell us what we foreigners can learn from Salsa Dance classes and experience all of it benefits! 

Foreigners are coming to Colombia (like here to Medellin) to experience this for themselves with Salsa classes at Salsa Classes Medellin.

Rebecca from the U.K. came to Medellin for one month and she couldn’t leave.What isn’t it about Colombia that got me hooked? It's the food, the music, the dance, its everything.

David came from the USA and he was intrigued to get into the Salsa culture so he decided to spend a month in Medellin, “… so one month became 3 and a half months, and became 6 months and became a year and I absolutely love it.”

He loves how you can express yourself “because whenever in the moment you have just comes out naturally with another person and you meet each other in the middle. It's a beautiful thing! The people here live and feel the music like no one else does partially because they grew up with it, but it’s in their blood and they just go with it, but they just love it and the dance here is just pure joy!”

Danny one of the professional dance instructors says it’s awesome because he can see foreigners come alive and feel the magic by dancing salsa. He adds, that  you can see it in their joy and their smiles and in what they express when they are dancing and he is very happy to provide this gift through his art of dancing.

Rehanon from the U.K. discovered that dancing in Colombia is just a part of life here, it’s like being in your body with the music and its totally normal and it’s not like that in the UK – they go to the pub, have a drink together and that’s it. At first, she didn’t want to dance with a partner but now she has gotten used to it, and it's a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone

Salsa classes can help you find a new part of yourself. 

Rebecca expresses the difference in western culture.  The UK for example : “I come from a culture where there is quite an aversion to human touch and human connection and in Colombia dancing with a partner and being held by someone  and being guided and supported and led is magical and its spicy and sexy and its hot!” “I feel like I have  completely missed out on this for the first 20 years of my life and it's a passion and a hobby that will continue forever!” “I have found a part of myself that I didn’t know through dance.”

Renee from Seattle Washington refers to Colombian Salsa dancing as an injection you get into your body when you start.

Sergio Rivas, one of the other instructors and professional dancers of Salsa classes Medellin, likes to “emphasize the feelings that Salsa dancing brings, because when someone is able to feel for real, they are able to communicate a lot of things.”

Jessica Lopez, another instructor and professional dancer of Salsa in Medellin points out that “dancing is instinctive for Colombians and it makes them feel free.  It is their culture and it makes them feel free, it’s their heritage.  If a foreigner comes to Colombia and doesn’t dance they didn’t see or come to Colombia!”  “If you want to be amused, if you want to feel relaxed and if you want to forget your problems you just need to DANCE!”

Marcela Arango, another amazing dance instructor points out that “It is like being injected with energy that Latinos love.”  Latin Dance Classes are an amazing option for personal expression.

Jermmy Fabian, also loves to teach foreigners and feel their excitement.

Jessica adds: “So if you are in Medellin and you spend one week, 3 days or a month you have to do it. Dancing helps you with your confidence, it relaxes you so let’s Dance!”

So why not learn Salsa? Or take other Latin dance lessons?


You can book a class to learn dancing Salsa – at Salsa Classes Medellin and learn with one of the many professional dancers and instructors here.

How about a Salsa Bootcamp?  A salsa bootcamps are designed to give you an opportunity to unplug from the world and fully focus on becoming a fluent social dancer through private instruction with national and world champion dancers.

Have you taken Colombian Dance lessons or perhaps in another part of Latin America? Please let us know in the comments.

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Picture of people dancing in Salsa classes

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