10 Year Wedding Anniversary In Thailand

The first stop in our new life is to celebrate our wedding anniversary in Thailand. Our choice of destination was no coincidence: Thailand, where we were married ten years earlier. It was a ceremonial start to our new life of long term travel.  Our 10-year dream is coming alive!

Back in 2005, we decided to get married at the end of one of their annual month-long adventures. We were in Cambodia and when our trip was complete we flew to Koh Samui, Thailand. We arranged on line our plans to get our marriage license in Thailand with the Canadian Embassy, then finished the translation and registration when we arrived. We decided to do a Buddhist ceremony, which would mark the symbolic beginning of our married life together.

Our location for our wedding ceremony was, Wat Plai Laem temple on the beautiful island of Koh Samui.

Watch our video to see clips from our wedding ten years earlier, and our arrival back to the special place ten years later.


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  1. Congratulations………a fantastic romantic story!! All the best for many more years of wedded bliss and may this journey be the best choice you ever made. Enjoy every moment and know so many are enjoying it here at home also. Adios for now!

  2. Congratulations! You two haven’t changed a heck of a lot in those 10 years! We were so glad to have a visit before you left. We forgot to do pictures though and we were sad about that.
    Stay safe!
    Love, Jim and Sylvia

  3. Happy Anniversary! Loved taking this beautiful journey back in time with you and look forward to following your journey ahead. Where there is love there is a path and it will lead you anywhere you want to go. Keep trekking!

  4. Happy Anniversary and congratulations what a cool thing to do with the photos its hard to believe its 10 years later. Here is to many more happy times together.

  5. Nice looking couple and not much has changed except for the head gear. Lol. Hope the start of your dreams are coming true and really enjoy this start of a long beautiful life. Allan has lost his oldest brother this week and you guys know the pain of that also Joans aunt passed away. Hope you are doing alright with your loss. Any idea how long you are staying there? We hope you will get to visit those six countries that Allan did and see your comments. Take care . Love Allan and Joan.

    1. Thanks very much for your words of encouragement and following along. So sorry to hear about your loss, just a reminder of how short we have here. We plan to travel slowly, really enjoying a place, learning from the locals and working on our website, video on stories. Not sure yet, how long but we will let you know. Best wishes. D&T

  6. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Awesome video! You haven’t aged a bit but definitely have more of a traveler look. So cool that you were able to combine the present and the past in a visual for us all. So wish we were there with you enjoying the sunshine, warm temperatures and daily adventures. Your timing is perfect – – – brutally cold and dismal here. Looking forward to the next update and next destination.

    1. thanks Mark and Helga! Sorry about the weather back home for you, and for your comments on the video. Please keep on watching!

    1. Haha! thanks Farheen – We used our GoPro – really creates that vision of being there with us, thanks for cheering us on!

    1. thanks Joanne, hard to believe its 10 years, but so far a great start to our new life! Thanks for watching and reading and cheering us on!

  7. Congrats Dorene and Troy!! We can’t believe that 10years has already gone by! Your video brought tears to my eyes! We are so excited for you both on this adventure!! Looking forward to seeing what is to come!!

  8. Congratulations Troy and Dorene! Happy 10th Anniversary! Awesome video! We are so excited to watch this absolutely incredible journey! Lots of love, KDME

  9. Congrats on 10 years!! I loved the video and cant wait for more to come…I hope your days are filled with new exciting things to do and see and your nights are filled with dreams of all good things that have not been discovered yet!

  10. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary. It is easy to see that you are really enjoying yourselves. It is nice that you were able to go back to where you were married. That really is a great start to your new life of travel. You are certainly living your dream.We are very happy for you and wish you all the best as you continue your journey.Safe travel. Love Lourdes and Gerald.

    1. Thanks Cristina! Appreciate you watching! It was fun to come back to Ko Samui! Take care and miss you all at TM, will have to schedule our visits around meet ups. All the best

  11. I’m so happy for you both! Excited to follow you on this journey! You are inspiring me as I start 2015 with lots of scary changes! Will miss you here in Toronto but so excited for you both! Happy anniversary!

    1. Hi Sharon! THANK YOU! Miss you guys at Travel Massive Toronto, will have to stay in touch and plan our visits during meet ups! Thank you for your kind words! Greatly appreciate it! Best of luck with all your changes, you will have good days and bad days hang in there!

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