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Useful Travel Gifts For The Traveler

Looking for useful travel gifts for a traveler in your life and have no idea what to buy them? Sometimes it’s impossible to weed through the plethora of options on the market and let’s face it, we all have enough stuff, we need some practical gift options in our lives.

We thought it was time to answer one of the most popular questions that we are asked since we’ve been living location independent and traveling full time for the last three years.  We will never tout the virtues of packing light and only using carry-on in we pack to live and work somewhere. When we need to travel, we leave some of our baggage behind.  Some of our top favorite products we use – that are also built to last for a long-term travel kind of lifestyle.

Useful Travel Gifts - Packing Gear

High quality – Travel Safe Luggage  

Why we like it: The Venturesafe X30 backpack goes everywhere with us, first it is slash proof, with puncture proof zippers that connect so no one can get into your bag unless you want them to. It’s also comfortable to wear and fits us perfectly with comfortable, adjustable straps. It's perfect for even your weekend packing list. For more information about Pacsafe Gear – Our video shares all the benefits. 

Portable Safe For Your Valuables 

Why we like it:  Do you carry your computer and cameras when you travel? The Pacsafe Travel safe locks into any bag  (or into the backpack above) and you can lock it to anything to protect your gear. Lock it to furniture in your hotel, use the cable to lock while you are waiting at a busy bus station, so you won’t lose anything even if you are distracted.  For more gear from Pacsafe, check out our other Pacsafe Gear video here.

More of our favorite Pacsafe travel packs and bags here: 

Save Space 

The Travel Wallet for Everything

Why we love it: I have too many wallets that I use for everyday.  Finally a travel wallet from smart travel organizers that fits everything including a passport, travel documents, phone with durable closures. There is a secret compartment to hide your most prized valuables. This wallet is useful and also very fashionable. 

Why we love it: OK, I admit it, I carry a lot of clothes, and often I carry multiple seasons. We both love compressor sacks because they safe space for jackets, towels, jeans, sweaters you name it. We save a ton of space in our bags by reducing the size of our clothing.  These bags last, we have had them for years, and use them for all our business or recreational travels. For more packing tips from full-time travelers, you can find them here.  

Travel Electronics and Gadgets

Why we love it: Have you ever stayed in a hotel room and the WIFI signal is too weak? It’s usually because the WIFI modem is too far from your room. This range extender allows you to get a boost of WIFI to improve your signal. Easy to set up and very portable.

Why we love it:  We have traveled with many different charging devices in the past, and this is by far our favorite. It is a 6 USB portal charging station so we can charge our camera batteries, phones, watches for both of us, all at the same time.  You can never really have enough USB ports, and this one does it all for us.

Why we love it: This item is definitely for the family member that has everything and wants to geek out on camera equipment.This Drone is not only the perfect size for travelling but it will also give you amazing video quality. Don’t let the small size fool you, I use it for our videos and I also use it for documentaries at the broadcast level. Note: there are restrictions for use of a drone in many countries so do your homework first before investing in one.

Exercise and Wellbeing

Why we love it:  We do yoga virtually anywhere. Hotel rooms, guesthouses, patios, backyards. We love this yoga mat because its durable, it is slip free and perfect for our travels. We roll this one up

Why we love it: If you want to find a comfortable, ergonomic place to sit, be present and meditate, this is the meditation cushion for you. It’s an inflatable cushion with a useful carrying bag. One of our favorite, new products.

Why we love it:  Making a good cup of coffee anywhere is why this item fits into our well-being category. We use this filter every day to make the perfect cup of coffee.

We hope these useful travel gifts were helpful for you to plan your shopping list whether you need a gift for someone going abroad or heck, just keep it for yourself. What about you? Do you have something we should add to our list that is a useful travel gift?​ Let us know! For more useful travel tips you can find them all here.

By using some of the links on this page (at no extra cost to you) it will generate a small commission from any sales. We recommend these products because we love them and use them regularly.  This helps us keep providing quality content and tips for you. Enjoy your new products!

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useful travel gifts

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