How to Avoid Getting Overcharged by Taxis

This is a post for our new section called Free Your Money. A section that offers you relevant, actionable tips to help you make your money go farther. How to avoid getting overcharged in unfamilar countries, our first tip here.

Travel Frustration

One of the biggest frustrations when you travel, is getting off a plane, searching for an ATM to get money, and having zero idea on the right amount of cash to withdraw for the trip to your hotel. After you get into a cab, you hope you have enough for the fare, only to find out, in the end, you paid way too much for it. You became the unsuspecting tourist who doesn’t understand a fair price.

Well, we’ve been there, and we’re happy to say there are some great resources to become informed before you reluctantly hand over your money.

How to Avoid Getting Overcharged by Taxis

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Taxi fare finder – Is a great resource to discover the right price you should pay for a cab from the airport. You can easily navigate from your point of origin to the neighborhood or address you are headed.

 Other options to save on transportation

Public transit – Of course, public transit is often the best option, that is, if you have the time to travel, and you can find an option that cuts down the distance you have to cover on foot while carrying your bags. Research on the routes of buses or railway transits, as well as the stopover points, is essential when using public transit.


 Uber – We can’t say enough about how much we love Uber. We order a taxi from our phone app, we see a picture and name of the person picking us up, we can see on the map where he is, how long we will take and when he arrives – and this is all done cashless, via credit card, on the app. We have used Uber in the United States, Panama, and Colombia, and we were never disappointed. Often the cost is less than half to ¾ of the expense of a regular taxi, with the safety and security of who is picking you up. Plus, there’s a GPS to get to your destination quickly and safely, not to mention the high quality of service that goes with it. And all the time, we were extremely satisfied using this service. If we had a dispute with a taxi fare, our issues were quickly resolved by just sending an email to their customer service link.

The great thing about Taxi fare finder is that it now calculates the cost of taking an Uber vs. a regular taxi, which can be done in any city that has both services. That is an excellent way to make your decision based on cab options.

Uber isn’t often your only choice for app-based online taxi services. Tappsi, for example, is one option in Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador. We haven’t used this service yet but friends who have tried this are very happy with its service and the functionality of the app. Looking for more tips to free your time and money? Here is another tip here.

We’d love to hear about any other great tools you use to save money by ordering cabs or transportation wherever you go. Please let us know.

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