The Top 7 Most Beautiful Places in Ireland

This is a guestpost from Dublin Tour Company who share the places that top the list for the most beautiful places in Ireland. 

For the outdoor fanatics, there is more than what meets the eye in Ireland, with vast swathes of wild and bleak countryside, cute villages, and breathtaking coastal cliffs. From different bewitching UNESCO World Heritage centers to the fantastic castles that literally beg for your attention, Ireland has too much to offer. While certain countries use food or nightlife as their primary tourist attraction, Ireland’s stunning sceneries are what sets it apart.  

The emerald Isle boasts of an abundance of postcard sceneries, dynamic rocks, and weathered cliffs you’ve never seen before. If you are craving for a hair-raising, fun-packed nature tour, Ireland provides it all. The following are seven natural wonders in Ireland you should consider visiting at least once during your Irish trip

The Top 7 Most Beautiful Places In Ireland

1. The Burren

A startling landscape consisting of rocky mounds, ruts, and fissures, trekking down the Burren can only be equated to walking on the moon’s surface. It was fashioned from centuries of acidic erosion, and its karst terrain emerges like a massive jigsaw made up of limestone fissures and isolated rocks. It lurches 300-meters above the Atlantic Ocean on the western coast of County Clare. While exploring the rocky terrain, take a look at the rare insect and plant species (close to 700), with different natural flowers that brighten the cracked rocks during spring. The Burren hosts 70% of Ireland’s 900 plants species including the popular Arctic-Alpine plant, the Mountain Avens, introduced by glaciers during the Ice Age era.  Historically, the Burren looks like a vast outdoor museum with more than 80 tombs that dates back to the Mesolithic period. Take time to visit this wildly diverse ecosystem that awaits your exploration. 

Picture of the burren in Ireland, one of the most beautiful places in Ireland

2. The Cliffs of Moher

These cliffs stand as one of Ireland’s most toured natural attractions. Located in Western Ireland, they tower approximately 214 meters above the Atlantic Ocean. These iconic cliffs stretch 8km from Doolin village to the Hags Head situated in County Clare. Take a walk on its spectacular coast and feel the warm touch of the oceanic breeze. Dating back 320 million years ago, the cliffs of Moher were carved out by the mighty river delta. 

While here, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views spanning as far as Galway Bay and the Muam Turk mountains in the north.  These cliffs are home to unique wildlife, a rare aspect that makes them precious. If you are a bird-watching fanatic, you’ll be spoiled for choice while here. From the elegant razorbills and melancholic puffins to the cagey peregrine falcon, you’ll be left baffled.

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3. The Giant’s Causeway

Indeed, mother nature can offer the most suspenseful tourist attractions never seen before, and the Giant’s Causeway is a testament to that. You’ll marvel as to how 40,000 polygonal rock columns made of basalt came into existence. This causeway was formed as a result of volcanic activity and stretching of the coastline that gave rise to a series of features that resembled colossal stepping stones.

The Giant’s Causeway is the only existing UNESCO World Heritage site listed in Northern Ireland. A day trip to the Giant’s Causeway is Ireland’s most exciting journey. Many tourists take advantage of this opportunity to trek down nature’s most awe-inspiring pathway.  

The giants causeway, one of the must-see places in Ireland

4. The Ring of Kerry

This ring is Ireland’s best scenic trail that runs 120 miles through the most jaw-dropping terrains in the southwestern part of the country. It is made up of a collection of glacial lakes, green meadows, and heather-caped mountains. Here, you’ll find Kerry Way (Ireland’s longest and age-old walking path), as well as the craggy Beara Peninsula. 

On your way, you can stop by the Killarney National Park reserve that hosts the red deer and the medieval Ross Castle that dates back to the 15th-century. The Ring of Kerry offers profound insights into the historical heritage of Ireland. Here, you can view the Old Monasteries, Iron Age Forts, and the Ogham Stones dating back 10,000 years ago. Journeying around the Ring of Kerry is a memorable excursion you can’t afford to miss.

5. The Skellig Islands

The UNESCO World Heritage lists the Skellig Islands as one of the world’s famous attractions and definitely one of the best places to visit in Ireland. A stone-throw away from the Ring of Kerry, you can make a memorable side trip to experience this mystical place. The islands appear as a couple of rocky mounds rising from the ocean and off the Portmagee coastline. These two – Little Skellig and Skellig Michael – are home to an impressive monastic castle that dates back to 6th-century. The castle was erected on top of the cliff 230-meters high. You’ll be able to find many bird species here including Cormorants, Gannets, Herring Gulls, and Razorbills as you scale the breathtaking climb 600-meters high.

6.The Aran Islands

These islands made it to this list because of their traditionally knitted Aran Sweaters (popular in the entire U.K.) as well as their car-free road network. They feature traditional Irish villages that haven’t been touched by modern culture and infrastructure of the mainland. Local natives speak the Gaelic language, drive pony traps, and co-exist in tiny farming communities. 

You’ll be equally enchanted by the countryside that hosts the never-ending sandy beaches, historic forts, and craggy coastlines. Using a local Galway Tour Company, the Aran Islands are only 48km off the shores of County Galway. These three islands have a unique culture and are celebrated for their stunning landscapes. 

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7. The Cooley Peninsula

This peninsula is located at the remote northeastern tip below Northern Ireland’s border. While this place doesn’t see an influx of visitors, it’s perfect for exploration due to its astonishing sceneries. While here, you’ll enjoy jaw-dropping views of the windswept coastline, steep Mourne Mountains, and the prehistoric Carlingford villages. The Cooley Peninsula is one of the strategically positioned places in Ireland.  It's definitely an off the beaten track destinations. 

With countless wonders, friendly locals, breathtaking landscapes, and mystical natural sites, you may find it a little challenging to decide how your itinerary should look. However, listed above are our top seven beautiful places in Ireland, not to miss during your visit.  While here, you will experience nature, history, and wonders directly from the source.  Maybe you've been to Ireland before, and this article piqued your curiosity. What are your most favorite places in Ireland to visit? For more posts about Ireland and Europe you can find them all here. 

the cliffs of moher, one of the top 7 most beautiful places in Ireland


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