The Best Way To See Vientiane

Want to know the best way to see Vientiane? This video features highlights of our journey and time in Vientiane, Laos and travel from Bangkok, Thailand.  We share some of the changes to how we travel now, to enjoy a destination fully and deeply.

In the past, we used to take one-month vacations, rushing through the sites. Now we take our time, plan it on our own and slow travel at our own pace. We stay in places for longer periods of time, to understand the pulse of the location. We seek out opportunities to enjoy local establishments and stay in neighbourhoods to see and understand the ‘day in the life’.

We share highlights of Bangkok, Nong Kai and Thanaleng Railway stations. In Laos, we share the following highlights in Vientiane including Wat Sisaket temple, That Dam (Black Stupa) Patuxai monument, Buddha Park(Xieng Khuan) and highlights of our future visit to Vang Vieng.

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  1. What a fascinating way to start my day!! Love following you as you follow your dreams. Cherish the moments….they certainly will last a lifetime!!

  2. Man oh man… your videos and information just keep getting better and better, wow! LOVED this video. It was like a mini documentary with awesome commentary, video footage, valuable info coupled with personal insight. To say I really enjoyed watching this video would be an understatement – amazing! As I was watching it, I got this feeling vision of you guys on major travel networks, doing your thing, sharing your stories and travel life experiences along the way. I can see it clear as day – just a matter of time. You guys are awesome – keep up the great work, I know you will…. Cheers!

  3. Hi there, I dont know how exactly your blog made it to my facebook but I am so happy it did. My husband Pierre and I are 2 artists living in Toronto. We are planning on embarking on our own journey in the new year and a half. Our youngest just went off to University and our oldest at 22 just moved back home as such delaying things a bit. We actually almost moved the family out to Chang Mai 10 years ago to start a ceramic production but in the end it wasnt our time so for me right now to live vicariously through you 2 in Thailand and Laos is enough to get me through til its our time. I look forward to your posts and just wanted to say Hi and have a wonderful journey! Cheers Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for reaching out, really appreciate your comments and excited for you as you plan yours! Congratulations for making the decision! We get a lot of questions about the planning for a move like this, lots more to come on our blog about this topic.

  4. WOW! Excellent! It looks so beautiful. Your blogs are fantastic. I hope you enjoy making them as much as we enjoy reading and watching. You two have really found your niche in documenting your slow travel journey.

    Happy travels!

  5. Mike G. said it all – can’t add anything to that – except that I agree with him!!!! Beautiful work putting it all together for us.:)

  6. I can see you two are really having fun! Way to go guys! Love your blog and always look forward to seeing the next one. Take care

  7. Thanks fpr sharing your video.It is truly amazing.Gerald and I are looking forward to see where your journey takes you next.Love Lourdes

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