Living Simply For More Travel

We’re now 10 months into the planning for our new life of more travel, call it our travel sabbatical. Our project list has been conquered with a vengeance, with lots of items crossed off. Wow! Only 70 days to go. The summer was busy, but it was manageable. We had a reasonable list of items to accomplish each day. Now fall has arrived, and our January 2nd departure day is no longer half a year away.

We’ve had moments of exhilaration and moments of being completely overwhelmed by the last round of repairs, painting and purging. The biggest step towards living our dream has arrived – putting the house up for sale. We decided it made sense to stage our home, to make it attractive to any prospective buyer, with appropriate furniture and décor that fit the house. We have nearly nothing left from steadily selling our goods over the past 9 months, so staging the house was essential.

When our house went up for sale and we put that sign on the front lawn, I had tears in my eyes. But it wasn’t because of the loss, regret or a need to hang onto the house. It was because of a massive and overpowering sense of reality – we’re REALLY doing this!

Better yet, 3 weeks later our house was SOLD!


The burden of paying constant attention to our house and making mortgage payments is almost over! It’s a relief, and we have 5 weeks to vacate fully. That means selling remaining items and sending a few things to our parents – things like photo albums and winter clothes for when we visit.

 How are we living with so few possessions?

 We’re living simply! It’s been a great dry run for our life without a lot of stuff to weigh us down!

– We asked friends if we could borrow a few essentials (like chairs, a table and a sofa).

– We’re using some of our unsold patio furniture (like our coffee table).

– We kept a few remaining dishes and pots to cook our meals – but only the essentials.

– We’re using our inflatable mattress – which we once used for out-of-town guests – as our regular bed. It’s quite comfortable!

IMG_0929.CR2 IMG_0930.CR2

It’s surprisingly easy – there’s so little we need!

Okay, some things are hard to part with – but only a few things, and they definitely can’t come on our trip.

Our Vitamix and our Breville juicer, for example. These are a luxury to have, and we use them all the time to make smoothies and juice to help us stay healthy. Our plan is to leave these behind, probably at one of our parents’ houses, so we can enjoy them on trips home!

So what’s next?

  • Move into our rented, furnished place – owned by our friends who are currently travelling.
  • Get rid of our car and find someone to take over the existing lease.
  • Sell my bike.
  • Sell our Vespa scooter – before the snow starts falling.
    • Finish the paperwork and finalize some details before we leave Canada for the long term. This includes everything from arranging papers for our taxes, cancelling subscriptions and making final arrangements for our finances.

More to come as our plans unfold!

About the Author Dorene

Dorene is a marketing consultant and freelance writer. She quit her 20-year career in marketing to redesign her career and lifestyle on her own terms by living location independent. Now with her husband Troy, she helps people who want to redefine their midlife and make conscious changes at TravelLifeX. She also trains & coaches travel and hospitality clients to improve their marketing at

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