Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka: Find History and Wellness

Finding History and Wellness in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Choosing this independent lifestyle gives us a chance to work on some great video projects while we travel. We were traveling in Sri Lanka and our network of travelers connected us to visit a special place in the jungles of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka, just outside the Lion Rock, the famous Unesco World Heritage Site by the same name. We discovered an incredible wellness retreat just a few kilometers from the famous Sigiriya rock.  We were fortunate to visit  Mahagedara before they officially opened their doors to guests. Mahagedara offers Ayurvedic, Yoga and massage programs.

It’s not just the place; it’s the people

I really connected with Lakmali, the owner, because we both made significant changes in our lives – leaving the corporate world and looking for ways to help others but also to contribute to something bigger than ourselves.

Lakmali, the CEO/Founder, describes:  The idea for Mahagedara came to me when I was living in London, I was not really happy with the corporate lifestyle, and I didn’t feel like I was doing something that made me fulfilled, so I wanted to so something where I had a sense of achievement. So after a lot of soul-searching, I can back to Sri Lanka to start Mahagedara.

Lakmali: I feel fulfilled now, this is my office the jungle. I also wanted to impact all the people I meet, be it the guests that come to experience the Mahagadara this beautiful place, or the staff that come from the village that now has a steady income.  I also think that education is very important. Therefore I have put up a percentage of the profits to build a school in our village.

 Immediately Troy and I felt a calm and peace walking along the paths around the property.  

Our cabin was surrounded by jungle in its own little-secluded area, with the comforts of home.

The first thing I noticed when I got here is how quiet it is, there is no traffic, all you hear is nature.

I love the spa area – all the Ayurvedic plants for treatments are grown on site, the spa is literally outside, in the garden, overlooking the jungle.

And most of our delicious Sri Lankan meals are made from the garden.

Personalized Wellness Services and Accommodation

Lakmali: We know that each person is very unique, and they are in different stages of their life’s journey so we kept that in mind when we were building of Mahagedara. All our programs are very different; all our cabins are very different.  We use yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda treatments to achieve the best mind, soul and body relaxation for each person. Our name in Sinhalese means the child home that you grew up in, so for me, it means the long days of being carefree, and daydream, assured of love and warmth and someone else taking care of your needs. This is what we want to offer in Mahagedara for our guests.

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka is the perfect place for this place. You too can visit this place while you visit the famous Unesco World Heritage Site.

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For more information about services, rooms, rates and programs at Mahagedara, you can find it here.

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NOTE: We were hosted by Mahagedara during our stay. However, our opinions are our own, based on our own personal experiences. We only support what we recommend on our blog, ensuring the interests of our readers come first. 

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