Pacsafe Review: How to Secure Your Valuables


A year after we met in 2001, Troy and I started our travel life together as a couple. We usually took a month off every year to travel. Whenever we would prepare for a particular trip, we would  become somewhat obsessed in finding the perfect travel gear. At the end of every trip, we would jot down what items didn’t work out for us or what we needed to bring next time. Troy is a gadget guy and he spends a great deal of time researching items to find the right one for packing and safety. The most important items we carry are those that could protect our valuables. Pacsafe was always one of the brands that made it to the ‘safe list’ for our gear because of how well they secure our valuables. Now that we travel full-time, we use these kinds of products every day to carry our video, camera, and computer equipment.

Three main reasons why we like Pacsafe products.

  • Peace of mind – At times we feel quite uneasy carrying our valuables - from money to passports to laptops and cameras. There is nothing like having peace of mind, knowing that your bags will protect your gear from theft. It takes the stress out of a vacation.
  • Security & Flexibility – With our lifestyle of full-time traveling, we use these products every day to either secure items or carry our valuables. We need products that adjust to different living situations. Every time we move, we lock up our gear in different ways, depending on the location.
  • Durability – We have used many of these products for years, because they last.


Is Pacsafe gear 100% theft proof against a robbery?

Nothing is 100% theft resistant, but most thieves are opportunistic and they aren’t professionals. They will grab items that are easy to prey on, like bags left in a room unlocked or backpacks left unattended in a bus station. Your goal is to not make it easy for them.

Of our 14 years of traveling together, we  never had any items stolen that we had locked up in a room.

 We want to alleviate your concerns with traveling because of the anxiety of losing your valuables.

You just have to be prepared.

 Below are the features and benefits of the products we use:

 Our newest additions are:

  1. Venturesafe 65L backpack – (Troy) I like this bag because the exomesh that is built inside covers the entire bag and protects them from slashing. The interlocking zippers make it hard for pickpockets to unlock your bag without you knowing. The zippers are also puncture resistant. The Roobar anchor lock allows you to lock all the compartments and connects to the steel locking cable that makes it possible to secure your bag to anything. This is perfect to use at your accommodation, but also while you are at a bus station by locking it to a table or chair. It’s far too easy to be distracted by a thief and steal your bag. This one’s an answer to such scenario.  Click here for latest pricing, styles and colors.
  1. Venturesafe 45L – (Dorene) This is my carry-on bag and it has the same security features as Troy’s 65-liter bag, except it's the perfect size for carry-on. These bags are also very comfortable. The 65-liter has an adjustable back harness with five settings and features that allow airflow on your back. You can also cover the harness to protect the straps while in transit. Both bags open up completely for easy packing and unpacking. On the 45-liter bag, I like the front pocket that nicely fits a laptop and liquid items. With both bags, we can tuck in or zip in the straps to avoid ripping, or tangling when traveling. Click here for latest pricing, styles and colors.

We've used the following items for several years:

Pacsafe® C35L Stealth anti-theft camera bag – This bag works not only for cameras. I like its size and shape. I can put all of my gear in here, including my computer, hard drives, cameras, you name it. Because of its duffel size, it holds many odd-sized items. It folds into this small cylindrical bag to fit in carry-on or checked bags. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to stuff into its storage bag, it just takes a little effort. Now that I have the Venturesafe 45L bag, I either use it or the stealth bag to lock up my gear. 

is is great for fitting laptops, passports, wallets and smaller valuables. I often lock it securely on a bedpost or sink with the steel cable. Click here for pricing styles and colors.

Other items we use and recommend, but are not featured on the video:

The Venturesafe™150GII anti-theft cross body pack – This isn’t featured in the video but it is one of the best ‘man bags’ for me. Instead of a backpack, I can securely carry my valuables on my body, with easy visibility and access. Click here for pricing, styles and colors.

 The Pacsafe tri-fold wallet and the RFID neck wallet – We both have Pacsafe wallets. We just like different styles: Troy has the trifold one while I like the bigger RFID neck wallet to carry more cards. I rarely use it as a neck wallet, but just as a regular wallet in my purse. I like the size of it and the hidden zipper closure for more valuable items, which I can fit my passport in it. Click here for pricing, styles and colors.

The functionality and durability of these bags exactly fit our needs. Now that we travel, work and live in a new location every few months or so, they give us just the peace of mind to enjoy the travel, without worrying about any ‘what if’s’ about losing our gear. 

What are your experiences with Pacsafe products and securing your valuables? 
We'd like to hear about them.  For more posts about products the measure up as well take a look at


We received complimentary Venturesafe bags for this video and post, however, we recommend only products we use.  By using the links on this page (at no extra cost to you) it will generate a small commission from any sales. This helps us keep providing quality content and tips for you. Thanks for your support and we hope you also have peace of mind with these great products!

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