Monkii Bars: Our Home Gym On the Road

You may have read or viewed our struggles and successes with working out while traveling over the last 16 months since we turned to full time, location independent travelers. We’ve switched things up to find our groove. Recently, we shared a video about staying fit while traveling and living a location independent and our first experiences with Monkii Bars.

Many of you reached out to us to hear more about our new piece of equipment, Monkii Bars: Our Home Gym on the Road.

Since we no longer have a home base, joining a gym isn’t an option, and Monkii Bars allow us to workout virtually anywhere, they are perfect for travel as they are ultra light and portable fitness, thatconvertst into a suspension trainer. The bonus – this satisfies Troy’s hunger for gadgets, and they will fit nicely in our travel bags.

We both like to run and hike – but we were missing strength training, the best way to tone and round out our fitness regime.

What are Monkii Bars?

Monkii bars allow you to do hundreds of movements that work your entire body. You can be creative with your workout and challenge your stamina by combining movements.

How to Set Up

To set up this equipment, it only takes a few minutes. Remove the rope, toss the line over any support structure and adjust the loop to your specific exercise. The door attachment makes it easy to workout in any room in your home.

We prefer Monkii Bars to TRX. The bars are 8 inches in length and together, the pair weighs less than a pound, without any cumbersome straps.

Here is our latest workout with Monkii Bars:

  1. Squat & Row, combined – 20 Reps
  2. Burpees – 20 Reps
  3. Body Row – 20 Reps
  4. Bicep Curls (MB) – 20 Reps
  5. Reverse Flies – 20 Reps
  6. Push-ups – 20 Reps
  7. Jump Squats (MB) – 20 Reps
  8. Alternating Lunges – 30 Reps
  9. Pistols – 20 Reps
  10. Tricep Press – 20 Reps
  11. Knees to Chest – 20 Reps
  12. Hill Climbers – 30 Reps
  13. Abdominal Plank – 1 Minute

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We have workouts specially designed to be finished in a short time frame, from anywhere. We used our personal trainer and friend Mike to create some custom workouts for us. Here are some of our favorite workouts.

If you are looking for effective Travel Workouts while on the road, here is one of our road-tested and fitness trainer created workouts.

Note:  We received a set of Monkii Bars in exchange for our product review. By using one of the links on this page (at no extra cost to you) it will generate a small commission from any sales. We recommend Monkii Bars as a great tool for your fitness needs because  we love them and use them regularly.  This helps us keep providing quality content and tips for you. Thanks for your support.

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Troy is an ex-TV editor and producer originally from Canada. He quit his 20+ year career to pursue a life of long-term, slow and transformative travel. Now with his wife Dorene, he helps people who want to redefine their midlife by making conscious changes at TravelLifeExperiences. He also works with travel and hospitality brands to create and share their video stories at

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