Jungle Trek

A Jungle Trek in Colombia

We have been living, working and traveling in Colombia for five months. It is our third time living in Colombia, and now are we working on it becoming a home base for us, for at least part of every year. WE were in need of a hike; a jungle trek!

Jungle Trek in Colombia 

This weekend was our chance to visit some newly explored hiking trails in Colombia. We have done treks like the Lost City Trek Colombia, but this was about exploring new territory not lost ones! 

 We went out with our friends from Expedition Colombia to explore the area in the Rio Verde Valley in Antioquia. They wanted to get our views whether this is a good 2-day jungle trek for their clients. 

 There are still many places in Colombia that are remote and unexplored because of the history of this country. Some of these areas were completely closed and restricted areas, due to the past problems with FARC and Paramilitary groups controlling the areas.  Thankfully the Peace Treaty signing last year has changed this. The benefit is the opportunity to see pristine, untouched wilderness free from development, construction, and large crowds.

There are a number of small towns in the area, yet these trails are rarely traveled other than by farmers in the area. Expedition Colombia is one of the first companies to bring groups in this area, offer this jungle trek and take a responsible approach to this activity, and the group runs their own foundation to protect the rivers here.  

Medellín is the ideal starting point for hiking in Colombia because of the access to trails just minutes from the city, just outside of Envigado, are trails with incredible waterfalls.   The area near the río Verde is also home to San Francisco, with neighboring farms that produce cocoa for chocolate. The farmers tell their story of being displaced from their homes but finding a business chocolate making and you can take a tour to discover all this.

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Jungle Trek

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