How To Work Out While Traveling- Part 3 – Evaluating Results

Are you looking to find a system to working out while traveling?

Troy and I have worked out while traveling for 20 straight days, together, EVERY day! It’s a big milestone for us. We have never been this committed to a schedule of fitness every single day.

It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been easier than we expected. We’ve progressed from workout #1 by adding more burpees and more abdominal exercises, and it takes only 15 minutes every day. Who can’t find time for that?

Workout # 2 was all about the importance of creating a schedule, and we learned some important lessons.

Top 4 reasons we are succeeding at daily workouts now:

  1. Schedules and excuses no longer get in the way – Everything used to get in our way, including work schedules, distractions, the stress of organizing, and the failure to see that taking a few minutes each day to work out plus stretch was realistic. We don’t let any of those things get in our way now.
  2. Accountability – Now we push each other. When one of us is waffling about exercising, the other propels us forward. If Troy works out, I need to do it too! Also, we have an audience of readers. How can we possibly fail when you are looking at us to finish each workout?
  3. Complete focus on a goal – We wake up every day,thinking about exercise. It’s our top priority. Now that we’ve accomplished the biggest goal of our lives (selling everything for a life of traveling), our goal of working out every day is another big milestone we must achieve!
  4. Consequences – Finding something that is a consequence of NOT exercising also helps, even if it’s a bit drastic. For instance, if we don’t work out every day, it increases the chance we can’t continue to enjoy our travels in a healthy way. Maybe we’ll wind up in the hospital – a foreign hospital! – with an illness. We would love to avoid illness, of course. Or the consequence of skipping a workout could be something less drastic, such as not feeling as good today as I did yesterday.

Now that workout #2 is complete, what worked and what didn’t?

What worked:

  1. Exercise in the morning – There were a couple of mornings when we were exhausted and instead did the workout in the afternoon. We felt less alert and not as strong during the day, and we started some bad habits like afternoon snacking. It’s amazing how mindful we are of the food we put into our bodies when we “start the day right” with a workout.
  2. “Just get it over with” mentality – We both look at each other like we are crazy and think, “Let’s just get it done.” Our workout takes so little time! Once the burpees and push-ups are done, we feel invincible and we look forward to finishing the rest!
  3. The results – ENERGY is the most notable change. It’s led to us accomplishing so much on our list every day. Whether it’s writing, filming or taking an online course to fix our website, everything just feels easier.

Also, we both say, “We have our shoulders back!”

Dorene Shoulders

Our back and shoulder muscles are feeling stronger, just as they were 4 months ago when we took regular CrossFit classes. We tend to be hunched over a computer much of the time, so this counteracts that issue. Pretty good results for only a few minutes a day and without a gym, don’t you think?

  1. Getting in the zone – I figured out that getting in the zone for burpees or the plank really helps. I think about a problem I am trying to solve, and I completely forget the pain. Before I know it, I’ve done half my number of reps!

What didn’t work:

  1. Perfect execution- We are still working on getting the execution of each exercise right, using good form without taking a few little breathing breaks in between! Still, every time we do the exercises, we perform them better.
  2. Dreading the next round of workouts! –We are working on a 7- to 10-day cycle for each workout. Workout #3 has a good build-on to our previous exercises, with an additional 5 to 10 minutes of activity. We have already done many of the exercises. However, our Fitness Guru Mike gave us another challenge – 300 burpees each in one week along with a new exercise. WHAT?!! He’s no longer a Fitness Guru, he’s a Fitness A#*!?$. (Kidding. We love him, really;)

Ready for the next workout? Workout #3:

Organized into blocks this time, workout #3 flows from aerobics to legs to upper body to the abdominal areas.

Each block is to be completed before the next one begins. As always, we included a video link to show how to perform these exercises. We started this one today!


  1. Jumping jacks (30 sec)
  2. Squat / jab / punch (1 x 15 reps – left side)
  3. Burpees (1 x 10 reps)


  1. Jumping jacks (30 sec)
  2. Squat / jab / punch (1 x 15 reps – right side)
  3. Burpees (1 x 10 reps)


  1. Walking lunges (1 x 20 reps)
  2. Jump squats (1 x 20 reps)
  3. Jumping wall taps (1 x 20 reps)


  1. Walking lunges (1 x 20 reps)
  2. Tricep press (1 x 20 reps) (full or from the knees)
  3. Push-ups (1 x 20 reps) (full or from the knees)


  1. Side raises (1 x 15 reps each side)
  2. Reverse crunches (1 x 20 reps)
  3. Abdominal plank (1 minute)

Estimated time to complete = 20 to 25 minutes

Followed by 5 to 7 minutes of stretching

If you are interested in our stretching routine, please let us know and we will be happy to forward you the details.

Mike’s special fitness challenge: 300 burpees in one week, that works out to 23 extra burpees per day on top of the regular routine for 7 days.

Here is Mike’s logic: We are already doing 20 burpees, so making time to do 23 more, even if they are broken up during the day, should be a great challenge, right? Are we up for it? Reluctantly, but YES!

Burpee Chart

We have some readers following this plan along with us. We hope you are too.

Find out how if we are sticking to our workouts over 30days in.

Maybe this is a great CHALLENGE for you? If you haven’t started yet, try out workout #1. or if you are ready for the next challenge, try the next workout #4 

Until then, safe exercising and safe travels wherever your travels may take you!












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