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How New People Can Change Your Life

How do you live a remarkable life in a conventional world?

That is the goal of the World Domination Summit  we attended earlier this month in Portland, Oregon. Quite an inspiring goal isn’t it? It was an unforgettable event. The experience left us absolutely bursting with excitement, grateful for the new people that stepped into our life, and ready to conquer any challenge that comes our way.

new people

It was our second year attending WDS, where we got to hang out with 2,000 positive, open, and engaging new people and people we already know, creating better lives for themselves and others, often an event to difficult to describe its awesomeness.

If you’re not familiar with the conference, it has a rather misleading name. Not to be confused with a political rally, the summit joins like-minded people who are ready to improve the world through shared values of community, adventure, and service. The place was brimming with entrepreneurs, creative-types, and people looking to change their careers, their lives, and make a contribution.

WDS features main-stage speakers, half-day workshops (academies) that tackle bigger topics, and attendee-led meet-ups on virtually any topic from alternative lifestyles and education to travel and location-independent living.

The weekend promoted new relationships, encouraging you to build a community and a new group of cheerleaders in your life to:

  • support you,
  • inspire you,
  • challenge you,
  • help you be the kind of person you want to be,
  • and, most importantly, have a ton of fun creating new ideas!

The best part was that it all happened organically. The new people we met were open — open to something new, and open to receiving and sharing.

new people

Hosting our meet up on How to plan for a life of long-term travel

Troy and I mustered up the courage to host a meet-up on how to plan for a life of full-time travel. Our application was accepted five days before the session. We expected few to attend, but instead, spent an hour with 40 phenomenal people on their own journeys to a different way of life. We shared our planning tips and received tremendous information to help us continue with our journey.


Key takeaways from the main stage speakers

The main speakers augmented the weekend with engaging, inspiring talks. They created a shared experience that solidified the deeper relationships that we were forming, cementing that sense of community.

 John Acuff reminded us to stretch our boundaries and do what matters to us: “Bravery is a choice, not a feeling.”

new people

He discussed how we often struggle with finding our own voice in the world, either because we’re too busy, we want to be liked, or we simply think we don’t have enough of something (like time or money). But do we want to face the fear of today or the regret of forever?

Jeremy Cowart mesmerized us with his photography and digital display.

new people

He shared his vulnerability. He overcame failure and the judgments of those who believed he wasn’t smart enough. Jeremy became one of the most influential photographers online and has helped thousands of people in humanitarian projects around the world.

Derek Sivers made us laugh and inspired us with his lighthearted view of business.

new people

Derek reminded us that things can happen by accident, by taking risks. Often, if your business provides those small, unexpected surprises for consumers, it can drive an incredible, loyal customer relationship.

An incredible closing party

Every event needs a closing party.Where do we start?! The music was electric with a Bollywood session by DJ Prashant.

new people

We shared a photo booth with new friends while the images illuminated on a nine-story building above Pioneer Square in Downtown Portland.

new people new people

We’ll never forget taking part in the candlelight cupcake — a fitting celebration for the WDS’ fifth anniversary and a symbol of sharing our own light to ourselves and the world.

new people Troy and I are testaments to finding communities of people who help us continue on our journey. If we didn’t open up our life to new people that inspired us to follow our dream life, we never would have left our comfortable, predictable, and ultimately unfulfilling lives. This awesome group of people in the picture below is one of our communities. We have a video call every week and we mentor one another on challenges and wins with starting new businesses. We do this from all corners of the world. Location doesn’t matter.

new people

Our mastermind group – Friends, allies, one group of many new people we brought into our lives

It only takes one person to make a difference in your life, to help you move a little further down that path of your dreams. Imagine what it’s like with multiple people creating this change within you? Incredible.

We encourage you to build your own community of inspiring, positive new people in your life and be open to events that inspire your soul.

You never know what will come out of it. We had no idea new people would bring in this much joy into ours. 

Looking to make some changes in your life? We have a few steps that can help. 

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Dorene is a marketing consultant and freelance writer. She quit her 20-year career in marketing to redesign her career and lifestyle on her own terms by living location independent. Now with her husband Troy, she helps people who want to redefine their midlife and make conscious changes at TravelLifeX. She also trains & coaches travel and hospitality clients to improve their marketing at

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