Hiking in Sri Lanka

Hiking in Sri Lanka: Self Guided in Ella


I could have sat there for days…

Hiking in Sri Lanka is incredible, and one of our top places to do it was Ella, on our own self guided hikes.

Our first hike was up to  Little Adams Peak about a 45min walk close to the town of Ella.

It’s easy to hike filled with endless views of tea plantations, mountains, and cliffs – namely Ella Rock on the other side, which was our next hike Ella Rock. — We stared at it every day from our guesthouse — and it taunted us daily. 

Despite the rain showers we gave into it and started walking  without any expectations 

With some rough general directions, we made our way up the mountain, through clouds and rain. 

We waited patiently with other travelers hoping to see some reward — a glimpse of the Ella gap – even for just a few minutes. 

On our way down, 

We got lost in the fog, and took a wrong turn —  a school field trip group came to our rescue, showing us the way. 

A few days of hiking in Ella no matter what the weather, Fed OUR SOULS. 


How to get to Ella:

We took a train from Kandy to Ella. It really is the best way to see the incredible landscapes at a slow pace. It’s very easy to arrange. Just visit the train station and buy a ticket.

How to Hike  to Little Adam’s Peak

Walk to the outskirts of town (on the way to the Nine Arch bridge) to the 98 Acres Resort. Behind this hotel is a path that can take you to up to the peak, as you walk around the mountain through the tea plantations, then you find the set of stairs to walk up the rest of the hill.

How to Hike to Ella Rock

This hike requires a little more effort. It starts at the Ella train station and as you walk down the tracks you will walk for about 40minutes to the Kithalella railway station, then there is an unmarked turn to the path. For specific directions to the hike, you can find it here. 

Where to stay in Ella

We stayed at the  Ella Patty Field View Guest House  Just a 2-kilometer walk from the town, the rooms face  Ella Rock with a lovely view from outdoor patio where breakfast is served.  A double room is around $25 USD per night.

The  Lonely Planet Sri Lanka book is the perfect accompaniment for your travel planning. We used it extensively during our independent travels throughout Sri Lanka.

Have you done hiking in Sri Lanka? We’d love to hear your views and experiences. 

After we left Ella, we headed east to the coast in Arugam Bay to work on some community-based projects, check out our post about this meaningful project. post about this people-centred project. 

We loved Sri Lanka, it was one of our favorite trips of all time, you can find our other posts here.

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Hiking in Sri Lanka

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