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Video: What To See on a Day Trip to the Remarkable Tayrona National Park

Why Travel to Tayrona National ParkTayrona National Park is one of the most popular and prized possessions of Colombia. It is North Caribbean coast park, 12,000 hectares of land below the Sierra Nevada

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A Walk Through The Underground Salt Cathedral Bogota – in Zipaquirá

What is the Salt Cathedral Bogota? We take you for a walk through the underground Salt Cathedral Bogota outside of the big city in a small town called Zipaquirá. This area of the country is rich in salt

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Our Year of Travel In 2 Minutes

Our year of travel in a 2-minute video Can you capture the essence of an entire year in a short video? It was tough, but we did it. This is our year of travel in 2 minutes. It started in January 2015,

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Unexpected Surprises In Medellín,Colombia

We have made our way to Colombia, after traveling and pet sitting in Panama City. Our first stop was Medellín, Colombia. Medellin travel wasn’t on our list at all, but friends persuaded us to

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Update from Panama City

We’re checking in from our last month living in Panama City. We’ve been here 4 weeks, pet and house sitting and enjoying this beautiful city. When we arrived, we started pet sitting in the old

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Komodo Island tour by boat

  Komodo Island Tour by Boat There is so much to discover of Indonesia beyond Bali. Bali is the typical destination point in this country boasting thousands of Islands. But Flores is not only different

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