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Our First Days Of Location Independent Living

Check out our video of our first few days of location independent living and becoming digital nomads. We share where we’ve been, what we are up to and what is next, in our life redesign project and

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Our New Life Of Travel Starts Today

About 360 days ago, we made the decision to follow our dream and sell everything we own to build a new life of traveling long term.THAT DAY HAS COME!

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Selling Everything To Travel

The story of a career couple who are selling everything to travel, exploring life redesign on our own terms for long term travel and location independent living. Watch our video here!

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Living Simply For More Travel

We’re now 10 months into the planning for our new life of more travel, call it our travel sabbatical. Our project list has been conquered with a vengeance, with lots of items crossed off. Wow! Only

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Telling Our Loved Ones We Are Leaving

Telling others about our plans When we were about two months into our big plan of leaving our current lives behind and taking a career break for travel. Most likely  indefinitely!  We had to break the

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Our Decision to Sell Everything to Travel

I was so damn frustrated that another year of unattained goals went by, and every year I made another excuse.  We had lots of commitments, responsibilities, careers and busy lives. We also have fears,

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