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How To Work Out While Traveling Part 5- Stretching

To keep fit and healthy while traveling, stretching is a must. I have to admit, I neglected it and paid the price for it. I’ll tell you why in a moment. Before I do, you may be wondering if Troy and

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How To Stay Fit While Traveling Part 4- When Fitness Pays Off

Traveling gives us a lot of excuses to avoid good habits. Exhaustion, dehydration ‘taking a break during vacation’ or frankly, just having a good time are all excuses to put off a good fitness schedule

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How To Work Out While Traveling- Part 3 – Evaluating Results

Are you looking to find a system to working out while traveling?Troy and I have worked out while traveling for 20 straight days, together, EVERY day! It’s a big milestone for us. We have never been

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Stay In Shape While Traveling- Part 2- Creating a Workout Schedule

We are in Week 2 of our new travel life health program. A week ago, we started a new fitness habit: to stay in shape while traveling with a daily routine. We are active people but find that while traveling

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Health And Fitness While Traveling- Part 1 Exercise & Routines

Health and fitness are not always the top priorities when traveling. Food and new experiences are top of the list. On our current trip to Thailand, we are in food heaven! On top of the great food, there

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