Telling Our Loved Ones We Are Leaving

Telling others about our plans

When we were about two months into our big plan of leaving our current lives behind and taking a career break for travel. Most likely  indefinitely!  We had to break the news to the people in our lives…

We knew the news was going to be questioned and challenged, but we also know this is OUR decision. Our desire to travel is too strong for us to re-evaluate it, and it doesn’t matter what people think. We completely own this.


We got several types of responses from the people we told, but they typically fell into one of two categories:

 The believers – Many of our friends and people we spend the most time with have been inspired by our news to do something else in their lives. They’re curious and have always supported us in any new project we set our minds on. They received our news very positively and told us to “Go for it!” or said “Awesome! That seems like something you guys would do! Have you thought about where to go first?”

The non-believers – Then there were other friends, colleagues and acquaintances who came back to us with comments like, “Well, it’s nice to have a dream.” Sometimes it was, “What? How could you possibly survive?” We knew we would face some resistance. These comments haven’t changed our minds or forced us to reevaluate our decision. We simply responded to this group with our strategy, our plans, some facts and, most importantly, our passion for our cause!


Telling our families about our news

Surprisingly, this went very well. At first, what we plan to do came as a bit of a shock to our families, and we faced a barrage of questions. But then there was the realization: “Well, this was going to happen sometime. You’ve always been big travellers.”

Naturally, our families are scared and nervous for us. But the more we talk about our plans, and how we have addressed their concerns, the better they feel about our decision.

When people around our families hear our news, our parents hear things like, “Good for them for following their dreams” or “That is amazing!” It’s those endorsements from others that help our families feel better about this.


Our work

Troy’s a freelancer. His clients are aware of our plans, and he’s set up his projects until we leave. When we’ve travelled up until now, he has often edited projects on the go – the beauty of technology. When we leave this time, we hope to have a few projects on the go for some of our spending money.

My work is a different story. I broke the news to my company, and they were concerned. As a compromise, I told them far in advance so they would have plenty of notice.


Typical questions we are asked:

What if you get sick? We’ve been sick before on trips and have dealt with it by drinking plenty of water, sleeping it off, eating bland foods and bringing the needed prescriptions. If we really need it, we have travel insurance.

What about your careers? We’re ready for our new career adventures! Our travel is the first step. The second step is working on how we can earn some money and travel at the same time.

How can you possibly support yourselves? – We’ve have done all our homework with our financial planner. – We’ve have been planning this for quite some time, and with the sale of our house and possessions, we’ll will be just fine.


Don’t be afraid for of the reaction to your life- changing news!

It’s your life, and your dream, If you have a passion for your cause, you won’t waiver from it, You just need to find those people in your life that who will help you support it, and meet people who share your values and goals. This is a big one, because these are the people who will help you achieve your dream!


We got resourceful. We read everything we put our hands on that would help guide us to our next step. What inspired us was taking online classes with Live Your Legend and Connect with Anyone, and we went to local meet-ups in our area. We met a network of people doing new things and changing their lives, which completely convinced us that anything is possible. We also connected with a like-minded group of travellers, industry insiders and bloggers at local Travel Massive meet-ups. These people are our dream catchers – helping us shape and build our dream, and most importantly shape ourselves along the way!


About the Author Dorene

Dorene is a marketing consultant and freelance writer. She quit her 20-year career in marketing to redesign her career and lifestyle on her own terms by living location independent. Now with her husband Troy, she helps people who want to redefine their midlife and make conscious changes at TravelLifeX. She also trains & coaches travel and hospitality clients to improve their marketing at

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