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“Firsts” are always the most memorable. Like our first safari trip to Africa in 2008, to the unforgettable country of Botswana. We went on the trip from Drifters Tours from South Africa, a pre-Travel life Experiences trip when we were living in Toronto and working in our corporate jobs.

Our travels began with riding in a Mekoro, a dug out wood boat, steered by villagers from the local Bayei tribe. They steer with a long stick through narrow river passageways. Along the way, we saw several hippo families near our boat, they watched our every move. It was scary but exhilarating at the same time.

The rest of our trip was spent traveling through Botswana by overland truck and camping along the way through Chobe National Park and the highlight; the Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta. The Delta is a geographical wonder. It is where wetlands are formed from the Kavango River meeting the very dry and flat Kalahari Desert creating shallow, swampy lands teaming with the some of the richest wildlife in Africa, animals travel far to the area during the wet season.

We had a very basic camp, wild and untamed, and up-close with wildlife in the parks. No facilities, just what we brought into camp. When we left, everything had to either be carried away or burned, then buried. We had several chores for camping including digging our latrines, preparing meals, cleaning dishes and setting up our tents. It was all part of the wonderful experience. We even had to plan for elephants walking through our camp at night by pitching our tents several feet apart for a passageway. And Elephants did find their way to our camp!

We even celebrated New Years Eve around the fire of our campsite, under the stars with our guide, driver and fellow travelers from Italy, Germany, Portugal and Norway.

New years day was memorable as we took a small plane over the Delta, Dorene’s stomach couldn’t handle it that day!

The wildlife viewings were spectacular, whether from our overland truck, plane or walking we saw Water Buffalo, Giraffes, Zebras, Baboons, Elephants, various Deer and Warthogs.

We would highly recommend taking this incredible trip to Botswana!  Looking for more photo galleries?  Check out our trip to Bolivia below.

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