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Bolivia is a diverse, impoverished country, and it is often misunderstood. We had few expectations of the country prior to our visit. We spent three weeks visiting Bolivia in December 2012 –January 2013 traveling with Intrepid Travel, one of our favorite small group adventure tour companies. It would be a waste to exclude these pictures from our website even though these are pre-new life, pre-travel life experiences, but nonetheless this is still our trip to the country. Hence, we shared these as a throwback to our past life 2.5 years ago in this Bolivia picture gallery.

Our pictures include highlights:

La Paz – The largest city in Bolivia we spent time visiting the Park Central and meandered around the alleyways and markets. The witches market is an interesting block of shops selling potions, elixirs and natural ingredients (even baby llamas) known to cure all kinds of physical ailments.

Potosi Silver Mines – This poor and desolate place is the foundation of the independent mining industry. Men risk their lives every day in poor working conditions to mine silver. They use limited, low-quality tools and dynamite to do the job. Just to cope with the conditions and long hours men chew Coca leaves to curb their hunger and drink 96% proof alcohol. It was the most uncomfortable conditions to be in, Dorene quickly offered to leave the tunnels as soon as possible.

The Train Graveyard – Uyuni is the gateway to the Salt Flats. A few kilometers in, we went to the Train Graveyard. After the collapse of the mining industry, these trains have been left here, many trains from the early 1940’s to rust with the salty winds, created an eerie museum in the middle of nowhere.

Salar de Uyuni-  Also known as the Salt Flats is the largest salt flats in the world, spanning over 12,000 square km. It was created by a salt lake Lago Minchín when it dried up hundreds of years ago it left the vast desert of Salar de Uyuni. What makes this place interesting is the view of the landscape with no horizon, thus things and people appear smaller than they are at a distance. This is a well-known and popular spot for interesting photos.

Sucre – The adventure mecca of Bolivia and one of our favorite towns to recharge and enjoy the outdoors. One of our pictures in the gallery shows our hike through this cavernous area outside of the town.

The Altiplano of Bolivia and Atacama desert – On the border with Chile, this high plain landscape includes colourful mountains, highlands, salt lakes, geysers, lagoons, sand dunes, and various kinds of rock formations. It spans over 1000 kilometers between Chile, Bolivia, and Peru. We drove for hours exploring the variation in rock formations and dealing with its very windy and cool temperatures at the end of the day.
We hope you enjoyed our picture gallery and highlights.

Have you traveled to Bolivia? We would love to hear about your experiences. For more picture galleries check them out here

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