Best Street Foods in Medellín

This video is about our day taking a Colombian street foods tour in Medellín, Colombia, with La Mesa food tours. 

The False Perceptions of Colombian Street Foods

One of the highlights of any travel destination is no doubt; The FOOD! Better yet, a food tour where you can appreciate what to eat, where to go. Food in Colombia however, gets a bad rap. Some visitors say Colombian food is: “bland,” “heavy,” “tastes all the same.” Colombia is  not the foodie wonderland of Italy, Thailand or Mexico but there is one thing it has:

Colombia has some of the best comfort foods.

It is hearty, rich, filling – and what Troy and I didn’t realize, it’s food that has meaning to every Colombian. Food is the center of family gatherings: an important of Colombian way of life.

Why take a Colombian street foods tour

We spent an afternoon with LaMesa food tours in Medellín, with our guide Laura. Even though we spent f months in Colombia, we wanted to hear the stories about the food here, and try some of the flavors we haven’t tasted yet or foods we didn’t have the nerve to try yet!

This tour gives you a chance to hear about the importance of food and family traditions in Colombia, and boy, are Colombians passionate about sharing their culture!

What you will learn about the local Colombian food

We discovered that Colombian food is regional, there is a different approach to each dish wherever you visit. Also, some dishes aren’t served everywhere. The people of Medellín and area (Paisas) have distinct local foods they eat, so when you travel in Colombia to Medellín, or within Antioquia, they eat most of the same dishes. In this area, you can expect an array of incredible fruit, juices and meat loving delicacies.

Some of the food highlights of the tour:

Buñuelos: Essentially, it’s a fried dough ball with Colombian cheese inside. It’s a great breakfast and coffee treat instead of a Danish.

Empanadas: Fried corn dough filled with chicken, or meat, or vegetables. The best ones we had were on this food tour – filled with meat and rice topped with a spicy dipping sauce. We were happy to find there was a little spice discovery with this particular to-die-for dipping sauce.

Arepas: There are numerous kinds of Arepas options in Medellín. On this tour, you discover Arepas de Choclo

Fruit and fruit drinks: The most delicious, more exotic fruits you have ever tasted. There are fruits in Colombia not found in other countries. A tour like this is the perfect chance to understand what you like, and don’t like when it comes to eating and drinking fresh fruit. Notable flavors were: Guanábana, Lulo, La uchuva, Granadillas, Maracuyá (Passion Fruit), Tomate de árbol (Tree tomato), and Pitahayas (Yellow Dragon fruit). I was pleasantly surprised by the drink Borojo. It is a fruit that is fermented and served with milk. It is high in protein, phosphorus and known as an aphrodisiac and energy drink. It has such a unique taste; I cannot explain the flavor.

Bandeja Paisa is known as“The”quintessential Paisa dish. The main ingredients include red beans (usually cooked with pork), ground meat, chorizo, and Chicharrón, blood sausage, a fried egg, plantain, arepa, rice, hogao sauce, and avocado. This is an enormous dish, but Laura informed us in some homes, only one or two meats are served, so it is possible to finish the entire dish. This was the best cooked Chicharrón (fried pork belly) we have ever had, initially, we were turned off by this dish as it was poorly cooked, it was very hard and tough, almost impossible to chew!

Our only regret was taking this food tour, just days before we left Medellín! We would have known the places to go, the food we enjoyed, now we just have to visit again to treat ourselves to our favorite selections. What street foods do you enjoy the most? We’d love to hear about them.

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Note: We received a tour in exchange for this video. We recommend this delicious and informative food tour, its one of the best we’ve done.

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