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Cool Things to do in Lisbon On Your First Visit

Our friends from Intentional Travelers recently made their first visit to Portugal, they share some of their top cool things to do in Lisbon. We had the opportunity to stay in Lisbon for a full month

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The Best Towns in Tuscany to Visit

Italy is a dream destination for us - full of amazing food, beautiful scenery, and a warm, vibrant culture. There are so many worthwhile regions to explore, not to mention countless picturesque villages

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Packing Gear Tips by Full Time Travelers

As frequent travelers, we’re always impressed by some of the packing strategies of our fellow nomads. We had the chance to ask some of our friends about their packing gear and tips to make it all

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The Best of the Ecuadorian Andes Region

If you love dramatic mountains and valleys, good hearty food, and affordable, independent travel, then the Ecuadorian Andes Region is beckoning. While the Galapagos and the Amazon might have the best name

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Things to do in Oahu – A Local Perspective

About Oahu, Hawaii Jedd spent much of his growing up years living in Oahu, he shares his local perspective. Oahu is the third biggest island in the Hawaiian chain. It’s home to the state capital,

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Tips to Access Money for Traveling

Having a plan for how you will access money when you travel can save you a lot of headaches and extra fees. In our own independent travel and research, we’ve found a few helpful rules of thumb. Dorene

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